London Flower Markets

Flower markets in London are some of the most enchanting places in the city. There are bouquets everywhere, and you are transported into another world, almost like another garden has grown in the most unlikely of places

The first market that blooms in my mind is the Columbia Road Market. This is a special market as the sellers are just
as lively as the plants they have to offer. The people the run the stalls are true characters, some stall owners are the third generation of their family that have worked on the market! You feel a true buzz of London with the intense flower smell to the barrow boys calling “Everthin’ a fiver”. This market dates back to the 19th century and takes place every Sunday (come rain or shine) in the East End between 8am to about 3pm (although it officially opens at 8am one stallholder has said that the market has started to open later because people enjoy a lie-in on a Sunday, so it is best to get there at 9am to beat the crowds). The street is transformed into an oasis of plant life, you can buy anything from a cut flower to a b
anana tree. What is up for grabs changes every week as the produce is all seasonal. A lot of the stall holders even grow their own plats, however a lot of them do also import from all over the world.  It sits on the edge of the city with Shoreditch, brick lane and Spitafields close by!

This floral oasis is just a short train ride away from our Sebastian Street residence for full information CLICK HERE.

Or you can have a quick peep with our video HERE

If you have ever seen My Fair Lady (if you haven’t, it’s a great film you have to see it) then you know which flower

market we are visiting now, well of course it is New Covent Garden. This market is a little different from the quaint Columbian Road market as it is the largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in the UK. They have over 200 businesses and the market supplies 40% of fresh fruit & vegetables eaten outside of the home in London and is used by 75% of London florists. They are proud of their achievements and so they should be!

We have a large range of different types of food and flower businesses serving London’s best restaurants, cafés, schools, hospitals, florists and retail markets, amongst others. If you’re looking for the best produce, delivered with the best service then you’ve come to the right place.”

To ensure that the flowers are kept in perfect condition, the temperature in the Flower Market is kept at 14oc , so remember to wear warm clothes and sensible footwear! You have to be up bright and breezy to catch this market as the core trading hours are 04:00 – 10:00 Monday to Saturdaybut what a great way to start your day of exploring!

New Covent Garden flower market is just a quick tube journey from our Farringdon residence full information can be found HERE

Or you can watch a little video on the residence itself HERE.

If you are looking for a beautiful and a blooming good morning out then check out the flower markets!

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