Things to do this Half term!

Half term is upon us! I know not everyone gets this amazing week off but we can all use a fun activity to break up the working year too, right? No kids are needed for the list of activities listed below (all the more reason to become a big kid yourself)!

First on my list is a delicious chocolate adventure. Head over to Barnet where you will meet Dina, an artist, a raw vegan chef and, of course not forgetting, a chocolatier. Here she will take you on an impeccable 2 and half hour raw chocolate adventure. During your chocolate dream workshop you will learn how to work with raw chocolate, gaining knowledge on secret recipes that are sure to make your mouth water. Learn how to transform raw chocolate into an indulgent spread, a hot chocolate drink and many more great ideas! The class includes all ingredients, tips, recipes, and your own hand made chocolate to take home! Now this has to be a blessing for all of the chocoholics out there, this is for you!

£29 per adult.


If you’re still eager to create something special why not turn your hand to a fab jewellery making workshop.  This three hour work shop will give you three pairs of earrings, you will know how to create a bracelet, how to fix that pesky broken jewellery, as well as giving you the knowledge to be able to create your very own pieces of bespoke jewellery. This is such a great way to relax and unwind, and more importantly, you can save yourself some money when it comes to Christmas and birthdays by making gifts instead of buying them! You will have the power to create the perfect partner (any style or colour of earrings and necklaces) to match your outfit. If you are looking to gain knowledge in a new hobby this could definitely be the workshop for you!

£29 per adult.


Are you into art? Well this one may be for you, a little different from your usual trip to a gallery but one to look at is a street scene tour. In this tour you can discover London’s street art where you will explore the cultural and quirky east end, finding works from Banksy on your way. Even as a Londoner there is always something new to learn! This tour starts you off from Liverpool station, you will learn about the history of the area right from the Roman times, through to the Victorian era, right up to the hipster modern day all in two hours! When you are on your east end tour you will hear about the famous faces who lived within this cultural hub including Jack the Ripper and the Kray twins, maybe not the friendliest of people to remember but key parts of the east end’s history. Along the way there are stops to take in the amazing street art from some of the most famous graffiti artists featuring Banksy, Space Invader, and C215. The tour comes to a finish on Brick Lane. Such a great way to take in the history of London, no more museums and silence here!



We all see Boris bikes around London but have you ever thought about taking a tour of London on a bike? Something we see in our day to day lives but do not think about their potential, well how about a bike tour of central London! On this tour you will see Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, as well as the working city and the energetic west end. If you haven’t ridden a bike in ages there is no need to worry the tour is safe, comfortable, and suitable for all abilities! No need to worry about the busy roads as they will guide you around the city on cycle paths, parks and quieter streets, telling you the history of the city and the sights as the tour develops.



Never have a boring day stuck at home again, why not try something different and head out on a new adventure in London!

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