Things to do this weekend!

Struggling to find something to do this weekend?

With this spring weather I do not know what to wear, where to go, and most importantly what jacket do I need?! I have compiled a small list of things to do whether it is sunny, rainy or even snowing!

Fortnum and Mason
Fortnum and Mason was founded in 1705 by a man called Hugh Mason from a small stall in St James Market and a spare room in his home. The Fortnum Family had arrived in London as high class builders helping to rebuild Mayfair in the wake of the Great Fire. William Fortnum also took a post as Footman in Queen Anne’s household and in Mr Mason’s spare room, where Fortnum met Mason.
This is a unique and beautiful store which is renowned for its fine foods, hampers, teas, and wine. It has five restaurants ranging from an award winning wine bar to the amazing ice cream parlour. Even though you mainly head to Fortnum’s for the food, just take a minute to absorb everything, as this is a gem right in the middle of Mayfair.

King’s Cross Pond Club
OK, we may not be in the height of summer yet, but who says we cannot brave an outdoor swimming pool yet, right? Be prepared to feel the cold a little…in London we have to take every chance we can get! This pond is technically an art installation, and is a man-made fresh water public swimming bath which was designed to give the people that visit the pond a fresh perspective on the urban area it has been placed in. The 40-metre pool is in a natural oval shape and surrounded by landscaping and planting that will evolve and change with age. Changing rooms, loos, showers and lockers are available and a life guard will be on hand to keep visitors safe. Space is limited so make sure to book in advance, however, I think it may be a little quieter at the moment! You can find everything you need to know and even book the tickets here:

If you are still stuck with things to do check out the Time Out website here: You can find almost any-thing you want to do in London on their up to date calendar, even if we do need a boat to get there!

So whatever the weather, I hope you find something fun to do this weekend!

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