London’s Population

Have you ever wondered how many people there actually are in London? Well there is a lot! Timeout have perfectly shown this in a recent article they have written showing the population of London through pictures, even whole countries population match to our city’s population (shocking). When you are looking through the maps it really shows you the size of London! You can check out their article here: London map

However on the other hand are we really that busy, compared to other cities over the world we are nowhere near being overcrowded! Hong Kong defiantly beats us in population density by having an astonishing 111,065 people per km2, while in London we are only a mere 17,342 people per Km2, compared to Hong Kong we have all the space in the world! A great way to see this is through another article that shows this all in images (so much easier to understand):


To some people over the world we are simply a quaint little village to me this article says it all .

How can you not love London! <3

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