Sensational Butterflies, Natural History Museum


It is starting to feel like spring is upon us, and even though it is still freezing, the evenings are getting lighter and there is a definite spring feel in the air. When you think about spring you think of blossoming flowers, new life and not forgetting…better weather. March marks this change in our season, and what better way to celebrate this than with a trip to the Natural history Museum’s sensational Butterfly exhibition.

Running from the 24th March right up until the 11th September, here you can see so
many butterflies and learn about their lives in the tropical butterfly house. Here you get to wander among 100s of free flying butterflies and moths from all over the world. There is no need to worry about the safety of these beautiful insects as they have been sourced ethically from Africa, South America, North America and Southeast Asia.

When you are walking among these stunning insects you get a chance to identify the difference between moths and butterflies, looking at the effective camouflage tactics of caterpillars, you may even get a chance to see a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. This exhibition is a little different from your normal butterfly house as you get to see butterfly wings through a stunning scanning electron microscope image. Admittedly I did have to google this but I have found an example here, – how amazing!

Here are more images from underneath an electron microscope showing household objects. They are so interesting, allowing you to see everyday objects in a different light. These pictures are used to capture detailed images that the human eye could never see.

If you are interested in seeing these beautiful animals flying freely in the city, this is the best place to go. It is a rare opportunity to see such a variety of global butterflies. Last entry is at 17:15 and tickets cost £5.85!

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