Valentine’s Day

Hi all, I’m Coriolan, an intern at London Homestays since January. Tomorrow, February 14, Valentine’s Day will see many lovers parading in London’s restaurants and hotels. What are the preferred places? We’ll see it right away.

Valentine’s Day is coming! This day is very important all over the world. But London is one of the cities most concerned by this special day, which fills all the restaurants in the city, as well as many hotels. Many couples come from all over the world to spend a few days in the English capital.

First of all, if you want to spend Valentine’s Day in a restaurant in central London, book your table in advance! It is very hard to find a romantic place to eat if you have not called ahead to make a reservation. Same thing for hotels, which can very quickly sell out on the evening of February 14th.

What are the “must-go” places?
In the center of London, in the Soho district, you can find the Bob Bob Ricard. Gourmet restaurant of quality, often recommended for romantic evenings. This restaurant has a very nice feature: “The press for champagne” is a small button present on all tables. Press, and wait … the champagne is coming!

German Gymnasium is a bar restaurant near King’s Cross station. Located on a very busy boulevard and in a spacious and bright hall, it is a very prized place of the capital. The food is continental, with some specialties from our Germanic friends.
At the exit of the metro Clapham Common, difficult to find the Metro Clapham. This small hidden restaurant is a discreet and quieter place than in the centre. This place is very convivial and will allow a perfect head to head during the Valentine’s Day.

To finish this culinary journey, a more substantial budget will allow you to offer a table in the restaurant of the world famous cooker Gordon Ramsey. The menu is more than appetizing, but it does not come cheap… it will cost at least £ 40 per person, just for a main course and a dessert. But the place, the service and the dishes are of extraordinary quality.

For hotels, the choice is vast and depends on the budget. Count between £ 70 and £ 700 for a romantic night on Valentine’s Day.

So enjoy your romance on this special day!

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